Landlord & Tenant

We work with landlords and tenants alike in all kinds of residential disputes. We help you to enforce the terms of tenancy agreements that are there to protect your interests. This also means protecting your property if you are the property owner, or ensuring you are provided with the furnishings and services promised to you as a tenant.

Residential disputes between landlords and tenants arise from a number of different causing factors, for example:

  • Behavioural – Antisocial behaviour, noise levels, nuisance tenants.
  • Financial – Rent arrears, service charges, withheld deposits.
  • Material – Damage to property, inventory disputes, property disrepair.
  • Legal – Disputes over tenancy agreement terms, unlawful eviction claims.
  • Criminal – Illegal occupation by squatters and trespassers.

Being a landlord and dealing with residential & commercial tenants can sometimes be not easy. This area is subject to legislation and can be something of a minefield to negotiate particularly when possession is being sought. We are here to help you to protect your rights.

We have specialist expertise in this area of law and can advise landlords & tenants (both commercial and residential) in relation to all aspects of landlord and tenant matters. This includes the drafting and serving of requisite notices as well as possession proceedings.

Our solicitors can help you with issues including:

  • Anti-social behaviour injunctions
  • Challenging eviction warrants
  • Defending possession proceedings
  • Dilapidation issues
  • Fighting eviction
  • Illegal evictions
  • Landlord harassment
  • Rent disputes
  • Representing people who have been made homeless or are under threat of being made homeless.

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