About Wills

A will lets you choose what happens to your money, property, and possessions after death. If you make a will you also be sure you do not pay more Inheritance Tax than you need to.

Our wills solicitors will take time to understand your specific circumstances, family situation, business, and financial arrangements in order to provide tailored solutions for all your will and estate planning needs.

Why You Should Make a Will?

Making a will is very straightforward and necessary to give you peace of mind. It does not matter if you are old or young – it is a better decision to safeguard your wealth in the event of any mishappening. Without a will, there can be a lot of trouble as there are strict laws dictating what will happen to your wealth; your family could be forced to sell your home/assets or it could pass into the hands of a distant relative instead of the people who are really important to you. Before we advise you anything, we have to listen to you carefully so that we understand exactly what your intentions are.

In your will, you can clearly express your wishes regarding:

  • Your choice of executor;
  • Who should act as a legal guardian for your children and how you will provide for dependants;
  • How you would like your funeral to be conducted;
  • Whether you want to donate your organs or leave your body to science;
  • Mitigation of Inheritance Tax;
  • Stating who you wish to receive the various parts of your wealth like your house, money, valuable and sentimental items.

What is the cost of making a will?

The answer varies depending on how complex your will is and where the firm is based. Typically, the costs of drawing up a will by a solicitor for:

  • a simple will – can cost between £200 and £250.
  • a complex will – can cost between £250 and £350. It may be more complex as you have been divorced and have children.
  • a specialist will – that involves trusts or overseas properties, or you want tax planning advice* – expect to pay a minimum of £600 to £800.
  • a mirror will – costs are usually less than doing them individually and are worth considering if you and a spouse or partner want substantively the same (mirror) wills.
  • Sharia will – Under the Sharia, a Muslim with wealth is duty-bound to write a will, not letting three days pass without doing so. In order to fulfill this religious obligation, Muslims need to ensure they have executed a Sharia-compliant will, not simply a secular will.

*We do not provide tax planning advice. You would be required to obtain your own tax planning advice.

The Benefits of Using a Solicitor:

You can be more confident there are no mistakes. Common problems with wills, like using the wrong witnesses or forgetting to have it signed, could mean it is not valid when you die. Using a solicitor should minimise the risk of things like this happening.

The complicated bits are done for you. The law surrounding inheritances (including Inheritance Tax and trusts) is complicated. Solicitors will be familiar with the law and will be able to help you make the most effective choices.

Service Prices*
Wills Drafting Standard (For One Person) £120
Wills Drafting Standard (For Couples - Mirror Wills) £200
Islamic Wills Standard £150
Home Visits (Local) £250 (Two Home Visits)
*All our prices are exclusive of VAT

All our prices are exclusive of VAT at the prevailing rate (20%) and disbursements such as court fees, application fees, barristers fees, interpreters fees etc

Kindly note we only offer standard will drafting services.

Our Standard Will Specialist:-


Mr Mohammed Majid Rashid

Majid has over seven years of experience with civil matters. He is also a director of Umbrella Legal Limited.

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